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Our quality spring repairs keep your garage safe and convenient to use – call today! A properly working garage door depends on multiple mechanisms. While a malfunction can indicate the need for a repair, don’t wait to check your garage door springs until something goes wrong. Garage door spring repairs are common yet intricate work. When it’s time to give yours some attention, call on the specialists at Integrity Door Sales, LLC for garage door repairs. Like properly working springs, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

What Are Garage Door Springs?

Garage springs sit above your garage door, providing balance and keeping unnecessary strain off the garage door opener. As the door opens, the spring releases tension for a smooth motion. When the door closes, the door springs build tension, preventing the door from slamming onto your car.

New Garage Door Spring

How to Tell When You Need Spring Repairs

When your garage door isn’t opening and closing normally, it can be hard to tell which component is the problem. Signs that indicate the springs need replacing include:

  • Rusted springs: A rust buildup can deteriorate the metal, causing the springs to snap.
  • A heavy garage door: When a spring breaks, your door struggles to open or may rise a few inches before falling again.
  • Aggressive slamming: When your door falls violently, the springs are not absorbing the tension.
  • Misalignment: A crooked door means the spring on one side of the door is loose or broken.

Even if you don’t think you need a garage door spring repair, you should still have a trusted technician check your system once a year. They’ll catch imperfections before a spring breaks, which can damage your garage door, valuables, or a family member.

Types of Garage Door Spring Replacements

If the technician decides to install new springs, you can choose between extension and torsion spring replacements.

  • Extension: Extension springs are typically installed on one-piece doors. They consist of 10,000 cycles and can last up to 12 years.
  • Torsion: When you replace torsion springs, your garage door will be capable of twice as many cycles as extension springs.

When your garage door springs are on the fritz, you need the right garage door company. At Integrity Door Sales, LLC, we provide quality garage door spring replacement services that are a cut above our competitors. Call 614-824-7301 today!

Your garage door says a lot about your home.

A wobbly or unbalanced door will diminish your property value and prove unsafe for stored valuables. At Integrity Door Sales, LLC, we’ll make this a problem of the past by providing residential and commercial installations, repairs, and maintenance checks for your garage doors. For free price quotes for garage door installation or repair, visit our homepage or call 614-824-7301 today!

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