Fire Door Drop Testing and Inspections for Madison, Franklin, Union, Champaign and Delaware Counties

Do you need your sliding fire doors inspected?

Call today to schedule an inspection with our expert technicians and get the certifications you need! The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires regular inspections of rolling and sliding fire doors to ensure they are up to code. To stay compliant, you need to partner with a reliable company to perform the inspections and document results. Our staff at Integrity Door Sales, LLC has over 20 years of experience performing rolling fire door inspections in Ohio. Our specialists stay up to date with all the latest guidelines from the NFPA to make sure your fire doors are up to their standards. Call us at 614-824-7301 to set up an inspection or drop test!

Fire Door Inspections

As a building owner, you must call in an expert to test out your rolling fire doors annually. Our Integrity Door Sales professionals are trained and certified to perform the required visual inspection of the fire door. This inspection includes:

  • Checking springs and attachments to make sure guides are aligned and level
  • Confirming the proper amount of expansion clearance
  • Examining all parts, including slats, bottom bar, brackets, and fusible links, to ensure that they are in good condition

Our technicians have extensive training on the NFPA regulations for the visual inspection process. Required by law, rolling fire doors must pass inspection before we can perform a drop test.

Rolling Fire doors after installation

Fire Door Drop Testing

After verifying every part is aligned, level, plumb, and secure, our experts drop test the door.
During the test, our technicians:

  • Clear the area to ensure a safe test
  • Initiate the drop test
  • Confirm the curtain moves between 6” and 24” per second
  • Ensure the curtain falls completely, forming a seal against the bottom sill
  • Reset the door
  • Repeat the test to confirm reset function works

After the test, we provide you with a Fire Door Certification Tag to attach to the door with the inspection date and proof that it passed.

Installing Rolling Fire Doors

At Integrity Door Sales, LLC, we provide more than just rolling fire door inspections—we perform installations of new doors. With over 20 years of experience and a team of certified technicians, you can trust that we install it correctly and ensure that it passes future inspections.
Give our technicians a call for help with your rolling fire doors. Integrity Door Sales, LLC is your one-stop-shop for all your fire door needs, from inspections of fire door assemblies and drop testing to installing new rolling or sliding fire doors.

Call Integrity Door Sales, LLC now at 614-824-7301 to schedule your rolling fire door inspection!

Your garage door says a lot about your home.

A wobbly or unbalanced door will diminish your property value and prove unsafe for stored valuables. At Integrity Door Sales, LLC, we’ll make this a problem of the past by providing residential and commercial installations, repairs, and maintenance checks for your garage doors. For free price quotes for garage door installation or repair, visit our homepage or call 614-824-7301 today!

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